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Note: fig nos in brackets refer to CAMUS BOOK CHAPTER 15

Fig B1 (Fig 15a) UPTON CHURCH

Fig B1 (Fig 15a) The Church of St John the Baptist, Upton, Cambridgeshire

Fig B2 (Fig 15b) BELLCOTE

Fig B2 (Fig 15b) Bell Cote

Fig B3 (Fig 15n) Sun Dial

Fig B3 (Fig 15n) Sundial; intricately carved sundial in the field South of the church dating from the time of Charles I. (as published by Bridges 1791)

Fig B4 (Fig 14) Church path

Fig B4 Upton Church – path leading to the West end of the Church.

Fig B5  UPTON CHURCH from South

Fig B5 Upton Church – view from the South taken AD 2003.


Fig B6 Upton Church – Sun Dial in the field south of the Church.

Fig B7 Upton North-west view of Churchyard

Fig B7. Upton Church – View of North aisle and churchyard from North-west.

Fig B8 Upton Church East end

Fig B8. Upton Church – View of East end. AD2003

Fig B9 North Aisle from North 2004

Fig B9. North aisle from North. AD2004