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Plate 40
Roman Remains, discovered on the site of a Pottery in Dec. 1822, in Normangate field, Castor.
No. 1. The remains of an Oven, in which the vessels figured in Plates 53 and 54, with several others, were found. A. The present surface. B. The formaer surface. C. The Oven Mouth. No. 2. Section of the line D. D. in No. 1. E. E. shews the Section of the Cave thirty-three inches in diameter, in which the vessels are baked. No 3 The remains of an Oven or Kiln. A. The present surface. B. The former Surface. C. The Oven Mouth. D. The Floor upon which the vessels are placed. F. The Substructure. No. 4. Section of the line F. F. in No. 3. G. Support of the Floor.
The Durobrivae of Antonius identified and illustrated in a series of plates