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Plate 25
Illustrations of Roman Iron Works, near Wansford
Illustrations of Roman Iron Works, near Wansford, (see Pl. 1.) Dig. 1. Shows the ancient method of Roasting the Ore, preparatory to its being consigned to the Furnace. 2. Part of a Smelting Furnace. A. A. A. A. I the Flag, lying as it ran from the furnace. B. The Channel for conveying the metal to the moulds. C. The Moulds. 3. One of the Hearths upon which the Ore was Roasted. 4. A transverse Section of a Furnace, for making the glaze used by the Ro,an Potters. 5. An Elevation of the latter. 6. A Specimen of Grey Honey-comb Ore. 7. A ditto of Chocolate Ore; the bed of the former has been partially worked by Roman Miners, and the latter very extensively; they were also both employed by the Roman Potters as Pigments.
The Durobrivae of Antonius identified and illustrated in a series of plates