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Old Pictures of some of the Rectors of Castor, Sutton and Upton

The benefice is unusual in having a picture of most of the Rectors from 1613 to date. This is, of course in part because from 1613 until 1851 the Bishops of Peterborough were the Rectors, and thus sufficiently distinguished to have their portraits painted. Here is a selection of some the portraits; the rest may be seen in the vestry at Castor, having recently been refurbished in memory of John Gillam. Copies of portraits of the two of Bishop-Rectors, Thomas Dove and John Towers, are in Chapter 26 of the CAMUS Book Five Parishes.



Fig 1. Frederick Dee, Rector from 1634 to 1639.

Fig 2. RECTORS OF CASTOR Lloyd PICS 020 sml

Fig 2. William Lloyd, Rector from 1679 to 1685.

Fig 3. RECTORS OF CASTOR White PICS 025 sml

Fig 3. Thomas White, Rector from 1685 until 1691, when out of loyalty to King James II, he resigned rather than take the oath of allegiance to William of Orange.

Fig 4. RECTORS OF CASTOR Hinchcliffe PICS  sml

Fig 4. John Hinchcliffe, Rector from 1769 to 1794.

Fig 5.RECTOR Terrick sml

Fig 5. Richard Terrick, Rector from 1757 to 1754.

Fig 6. RECTORS OF CASTOR Parsons PICS 004 sml

Fig 6. John Parsons, Rector from 1813 to 1819. Note Peterborough Cathedral in the background.

Fig 7. RECTORS OF CASTOR Marsh PICS 028 sml

Fig 7. Herbert Marsh, Rector from 1819 to 1839. Note that he is sitting in the same chair as John Parsons.

Fig 8. RECTORS OF CASTOR G Davys PICS 009 sml

Fig 8. George Davys, the last Bishop-Rector, Rector from 1839 to 1851. He was also at one stage tutor to Queen Victoria.

Fig 9. RECTORS OF CASTOR Andrews  PICS 013 sml

Fig 9. George Andrews, who was originally the Curate, was the first Rector since 1613 not to be the Bishop of Peterborough simultaneously. He was Rector from 1851 to 1864 and was responsible for the foundation of Castor School and building the School Hall still used today by the school.